Getting My Edumacation On!

In our high tech – low touch life styles, we as Americans “claim” to want to return to the “way things were when we were young”.  Simple things like Saturday morning cartoons, silly putty copies of the newspaper comic section or even listening to a sporting event on the radio would make me feel like I just stepped out of Doc Brown’s Delorean after reaching 88 mph but who am I kidding?

Today I take a chance, if you will, to give my two cents on the “new sensation” known as blogging.  As a student that hates to read and a father/ husband that has far too much on his plate … I don’t see the hook to the whole blogging movement but I guess since it’s been around longer than my kids it might be sticking around.  Until my class on Friday, I honestly didn’t even know that I was reading blogs and today I’m actually writing my 3rd post … can you say crazy?

Anyway, let’s get back on topic.  The words blogging and web 2.0 are rather new terms that the latest generation can text circles around us with but in my best comparison they are simply “fancy magazines” in a packed library. With one click of the mouse you can have more information than your brain can intake and  process pop up on the screen and feed you scandal, lies, truths, videos, music or digital books (the things we see in libraries or our parents book shelves).  According to Rettberg, blogging can be done for multiple reasons,: diaries, business, helping and many others and we as “consumers” are so ready to be the next big thing, we will do whatever it takes for our 15 minutes of fame.  Why not? It’s only one click away and if you liked it, you’ll share it and so on and so forth.  That’s how Facebook started (according to the movie).

Are we, as a population, ready for this phase of technology?  Why not? We post and release so much of our “private information” on sites like Facebook and Indeed that if your account gets hacked … it could be hard to prove that you are who you say you are.  So just hold on and have some fun because I know I will try (as Pearl Jam’s – Yellow Ledbetter plays in the back).

See you soon … I hope.


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