The Age of Twitter is Upon Us!!!!!

As someone who has actually been asked the question, “what did you do before you had a cellphone”, I laughed at the idea of Twitter catching on.  Now I find myself reaching for my phone to take a picture or comment about something I deemed funny earlier in the day.  Even with only 9 followers on Twitter (hold your applause), I still post as if for that one moment … I did something legen … (wait for it) … dary!

So what if I hit the gym for 2 hours today, had homemade potato and egg tacos for lunch or took a bull by the horns (its a metaphor … but I really did that).  Why would anyone care?

  1. Could it be that our lives are are distracting enough that we need to focus on someone else’s problems?
  2. Could it be that I’d rather just sum up a days worth of conversations in 140 characters?
  3. Could it be that we’ve all just got really out of touch?


In a time when; if you don’t know the answer to a question, a common response would be “Google it”, we are making ourselves less and less socially stable to actual conversations.  We discussed in class the other day about how a person that walks into a room filled with strangers will pick up their phone and automatically connect to their comfort zone.  That small group of “friends” or “followers” that give them comfort.  We rely on that comfort for many, many things in our day to day life.  Simple things like :

  • Can anyone recommend a contractor?
  • I’m in South Dallas and want something good to eat, where do I go?
  • Does anyone know what time the game starts?

These are all simple requests that could take you seconds of your own time to find the proper response but we rely on our “friends” and “followers”.  Bernardo Huberman wrote an article about Twitter called Social Networks that Matter : Twitter under the Microscope where he demonstrated how users of Social Media and Twitter have strong core groups and vast extended groups.  This plays well in advertising and other money making possibilities.

You might be asking yourself, “how is this going to make money'”  Well it’s simple!  You say that you like something and “word of mouth” travels faster on the internet … so all of your core group people will also try that one thing you liked.  It also can do the same in the negative advertisement.  Just ask Chick-fil-a and JC Penny, both of these companies had a bad year in anti-gay remarks and were cast aside by many but strongly supported by others.  In their fights, I guess it just depended on whose core group of friends was stronger.

Although most people will use Twitter to just describe lunches, manicure and other mundane events, we have the ability to use it for a better purpose.  We can actually hyperlink articles, videos or music that have touched a cord with us, so that hopefully it can help someone else get through their day. Author Steven Johnson wrote an article for Time Magazine in June of 2009 were he expressed how Twitter is and will be on the for front of our current Social Media explosion.  His vision of how the tweaks to current applications and the users ability to customize the use of their daily ramblings to the Huberman style groups made it a very interesting read.  I found myself getting mad at Facebook for trying to buy out Twitter and then realized that they are trying to duplicate the same features to Facebook.

Oh well… as long as I can still pick up my cell phone in the morning and get my days fill of news via those alloted 140 characters, we should be good. Can you imagine the actual conversations at the work water cooler or the family dinner table that would occur if we all shared just a little something Extraordinary?


7 thoughts on “The Age of Twitter is Upon Us!!!!!

  1. jacquirazo1 says:

    YES! You totally nailed adding links and references to add to your credibility in your writing. I also enjoy that you break this all down for someone who is not so hightech savvy (like myself) to read easily and enjoy. There is not so much play with technology jargon and lingo, so thank you!

    I completely forgot JC Penney. I do remember this get JCPenney’s campaign a million likes in support of Ellen, taking over facebook. Well, maybe not taking over everyone’s facebook but I remember people sharing and liking all over the place with that one. I did like it, and I did share it. Even though I rarely watch Ellen and did not know beforehand what the controversy was about, seeing it on facebook and then being able to read and learn more is what helped me get my support out there. Advertising + Social Networking = Magic.

    You mentioned you were mad at facebook for wanting to purchase Twitter. Do you still have facebook? Now that you have Twitter would you still keep both? Do you think there are benefits to having Twitter instead of facebook? It’s so strange that most people have one or the other or possibly something else we have yet to hear about, it’s just as if it were “normal”. If someone doesn’t it can even be viewed as “what? You don’t have either?” Which I also think is interesting, like there is something wrong with us if we choose not to social network at all.

    • renedg says:

      Well I thank you for your comment and compliments on my writing. I am very use to “training” people of zero to even less experience with electronics. I actually had to write in a spiral notebook the directions of how to use the DVR for my Mom and a few other people. When I read your comment about Ellen, I got confused cause I didn’t remember that until you described it. I was actually talking about the “Father’s Day Ad” that they ran with 2 fathers. People went all anti-gay but JCPenny got more love … just like Chick-fil-a.
      I have thought about deleting my Facebook account and just going off the grid lately but that is the only way I “speak” to some family members now. Twitter is becoming fun for me now and might actually replace my other rambling locations.

  2. janablogging says:

    I agree that Twitter can be used for great things. I’ve seen lots of campaigns that have gained force via Twitter. One that particularly comes to mind is when Bank of America was thinking about adding that 5 dollar monthly penalty to debit card users. That made me very angry, as someone who has banked there for years and it made a lot of other people angry too! The word got out and they pulled the fee.
    But, there are also a lot of ways that Twitter’s speed of light sharing has had a negative affect as well. For example, the recent “death” of Morgan Freeman. Twitter isn’t new to the whole “faked death” phenomenon, it’s been around for a long time, but it’s frustrating to see people fall victim to it when they could save themselves a lot of time by simply doing a google search to clarify whether said celebrity has passed.
    On another note, I definitely fall victim to the “comfort zone” of grabbing my phone in a situation I’m not comfortable in (like most social situations, haha). I’ve spent too much time thinking of how to save the youth of today from coming dependent on their cell phones, but alas, I’m as guilty as the next 16 year old.

    • renedg says:

      Jana, I truly believe that people are idiots. The fact that people believe almost everything that they read on the internet is for the lack of a better word … “retarded”. The cheesy All state commercial with the girl that believes everything on the internet to date the “french guy” is a perfect example of how people will believe anything they read on line. Oh well … let’s open our minds and pretend that not everyone is dying of line. Oh, and I usually sleep in public since I apparently “intimidate” a lot of people so they don’t talk to me. Ha!

  3. joshelrick says:

    I have to disagree with your comment on how Chick Fil A and JC Penny having a smaller core group of friends. That issue was really about a major social and religious issue in America. The amount or type of Twitter followers they had really didn’t have much to do with their problems in my opinion. I just believe that those issues reach far beyond the culture hierarchy of Twitter, though it was used as a form of protest or support depending on your point of view. I see the “core group” of followers a Twitter account has as their actual friends. Therefore all corporate accounts are filled with fluff.
    I did however enjoy your constant references to the 140 character limit. You constantly brought up the limit of the lengths of our messages or announcements. For all the talk we have about the importance of this social media technology, it’s kinda funny remembering it is just 140 characters per tweet. They are just little tidbits and thoughts most of the time. Even with this global connectivity and perception of reach, at the end of the day it really is something small and simple we are doing.

    • renedg says:

      Thank you Josh for the comment. I don’t believe that I said that these businesses had smaller core groups. I simply said that who ever won had the bigger core group. The controversy was a whole religious “nut bag” argument that covered almost every social network page. The ability of the consumer to pick a side is always freeing but they can either “follow the cool people” or “stand by their beliefs”. You can’t tell me that there weren’t a crap load of people on the anti-company side that still stood in line for some of those delicious waffle fries or to take advantage of the extra 20% off sales at JCP. Most people are 2 faced and just need to stand their ground without fear of the “cool kids” judging them also. The 140 character limit is just that, a limit. I enjoy not having to be limited but can then again … short comments are cool!

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