I’m on YouTube? Oh crap!!!!!!

I know that I’ve done some crazy sh…,

“Shut your mouth!”

But I was only talking about “stuff”.

Where did she come from?

Anyway I know that I’ve done some crazy things in my youth, teens, 20’s and even yesterday but I never thought that I’d have to worry about seeing them on the internet.  With the advent of YouTube in 2005, anyone and everyone can instantly become a star without “accidentally” tweeting out a nude picture of themself.  Michael Wesch, an Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University, spoke at the Library of Congress back in June of 2008 about “An Anthropological introduction to YouTube”.

Wesch’s discussion was about how people use the internet to “speak” to the world but in actuality they are only talking to themselves in front of a camera.  Who are we really speaking to on YouTube?  Are we speaking to your friends, family or anyone that you hope will listen to your gibberish? Most people create their minutes of “star dome” in hopes of becoming the next big thing but they are lucky if their best friends actually glimpse at it.  Although some people are lucky to be talented, others will become “viral hits” for being horribly funny … so much so that others will recreate their disasters.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube has many security features that can help you, as the new “producer/ consumer” of media, focus your videos at your target audience.  Clay Shirky would probably laugh or say “right?” at our inability to keep our target audience in the cross hairs of our media blitz but if it can be shared … it will be.

You can do your best to live your life as clean as possible and do as many good deeds as possible but as long as we live in the information age with cellphones affixed to our hands … you too can be caught doing something others consider dumb.

As a man who is trying to become a teacher of the next generation of great minds (Lord help us!), I can’t ever say to those children that “I’ve never done that” because there is probably video proof of it somewhere in the hands of my archenemies or ex girlfriends.

So in 50 years, when my kids are trying to tell my grandkids or great grandkids how I helped shape the minds of students, helped create a new language or even thumb wrestled an intergalactic robot to negotiate world peace (it could happen) … they’ll google my name and will see this.  I guess my future Nobel Prize for World Peace by Thumb War Victory will forever be over shadowed by my choice of head-gear in the early 1990’s but then again most people forgot how great OJ Simpson was as an actor too.

All I can say is, just make sure to be careful about what you put on the internet.  You might be hoping that your loved ones are watching and reading everything that you are posting.  The scary part is that your actual audience will more closely resemble this guy.

So in the words of Ron Burgundy, “Stay classy San Diego”!


8 thoughts on “I’m on YouTube? Oh crap!!!!!!

  1. Rene, I love your ramblings of paranoia about what you put on the internet. I am right there with you. You point out great facts that include: “You can do your best to live your life as clean as possible and do as many good deeds as possible but as long as we live in the information age with cellphones affixed to our hands … you too can be caught doing something others consider dumb.” We really do have to watch our backs. People can use anything to wage a credibility war.
    I feel like this often causes a disconnect from who I am online vs who I am in real life. I mean my comments are genuine they are just some what filtered. I used to see (no longer a member) people on facebook posting insanely personal and compromising comments and pictures. Pictures of underage drinking everywhere, drug use comments, arguments to the point of “lets meet up and fight remarks.” The content was crap. I I saw all this stuff get even benecome even more popular among kids around my sisters age of 17 I looked and I couldn’t believe it. I made my fair share of mistakes in highschool but they didn’t end up circling every the entire student populations phone. Im glad im old. Really only 22 but its came so far so quick. I remember buying the first iphone, Its amazing how far we’ve come.

    I appreciate your justifying my personal paranoia!

    • renedg says:

      Thanks Austin. I am constantly being told to “censor myself” by my mom and other friends because “future bosses” are not going to approve of what they read on facebook. That makes me laugh. I quote movies, songs or just say what’s actually on my mind and whether one of my friends gets their feelings hurt or not … I just think that they need some old fashioned “street smarts”. When did we become that high strung that we can’t laugh anymore? This world is turning into an ever extending life of high school drama now. You have your “clicks” of the popular people, jocks, geeks, nerds (there is a difference), sluts and social outcasts but I sure as hell don’t want to be remembered as that guy who use to chase after cars for rides home as a kid(don’t ask). Maybe, just maybe … we will learn to just be ourselves in public and online. those of us that have achieved this can rest but the others hopefully will get the stick out of their asses.

  2. jacquirazo1 says:

    Thank you once again for your ramblings. Really provides great laughing material I love and that makes me want to keep reading. I can’t tell you how many times I have advised people to not post certain things or say certain things online they would not want their parents or children to see. Of course, there are those who do anyway and just don’t care. Bravo for them! No, really. I mean that as a compliment. If they have the cajones to spitfire a boatload of confidence than more power to them.

    I do see what you are saying about “high school drama”. I can’t tell you many things I see posted on someone’s page about their personal lives and I just don’t get it. Where is the privacy? I finally ha to delete my facebook account because I needed to get all my contacts together first. I don’t think youtube offers a lot of opportunity for privacy other than making your video private or limited to a certain audience but who’s to say it can’t be duplicated by one of them? It’s insane. I do enjoy youtube for my “go-to” interests like old live music videos or television shows and compilations of funny scenes from movies or something. I really don’t care for any personal mess that people post.

    I did see something once about a woman who created videos for her daughter before she lost her battle with cancer. I think that really made me think twice about what we consider personal and what we consider people should be sharing. I wanted to watch that. It ultimately boils down to the individual. I don’t want to depend on filters to keep me from watching something I don’t want to watch. I think the best filter is, well, me.

    • renedg says:

      I love YouTube. I watch classic music videos all the time plus movie trailers that I have been wanting to see for weeks. Hell, I used it the other day in order to find the “correct way” to repair the driver’s side A-pillar in my truck. I do laugh at many of the severely stupid “personal” moments that have leaked onto the pages of YouTube but I have used it for education far more. I guess it’s to each their own. 🙂

  3. lori000 says:

    Scary…lol. You bring up some good points. Now we never know when or where we are being watched/ recorded and that is scary. I wonder how many links, texts, videos, etc are on the web without the actual knowledge of the person involved. How is that even legal? I mean what gives someone the right to record me/someone and post it?
    But as you also pointed out may use the web as a means of finding success.
    However this lecture did make me curious has to how I would portray my self via vlogging. It made me wonder would I reinvent myself for the world to see and what would I say? Maybe I should try it and find out, but then I’m scared someone could get it edit/ mix it and who know what they would do with it, like I said scary, lol.

    • renedg says:

      It’s amazing what people can get away with now. We take these “simple devices” for granted almost every day. Do you remember when there was a controversy about some bar in Dallas that set up web cameras all over the place in order to bring more patrons? Now that was some weird advertising but it worked. The city of New Orleans does the same thing during Mardi Gras. It’s truly amazing about what can happen in the future but then again there are days that I wish for a technology black out.

  4. brittnicch says:

    I think you might be my favorite blog to read! Keep your voice strong, its what I like about you! Anyway… you say that we make videos in hopes to be the next big thing or to gain followers- I have news for you big guy. About three months ago I made a video of myself. Not the kinky ones Prof. Hara was talking about haha, but one that I just wanted to make so that in the future I could watch it and see myself in a different way than when I do when I look in the mirror. In my first ever vlog I talked about things like my experience in moving in with my boyfriend, the dysfunctional relationship I had with my mom, and how my roommates were driving me cray cray!! So when I watched it on Monday, I ended up in tears because some of the things I said were so far from how I feel now, and then it hit me. I didn’t make the vlog out of boredom like I originally thought; I made it for a growing experience. Yes, we should be careful what we put out there, but we should also be more careful- at least I think- as to what we don’t put out there. Stay classy Rene!!!!

    • renedg says:

      Well Brittney, I too created a video about 3 years ago. I did mine for a completely different reason though. I was trying out for The Biggest Loser and they required a video blog as part of the application. No editing was allowed and it had to be about 15 minutes. I have never considered myself “weak” but after I saw myself speaking about my”needs for a transformation”, I found myself crying. Not with sadness but with anger of how I let it go this far. I can honestly say that making that video probably changed my life but now that I look back at it … I don’t think I would have been able to do the show since I felt weird just being on camera. Maybe the next time I get an opportunity to be on video – I’ll be ready for anything.

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