Web 2.0? I’m waiting for Web 5.0 … so they can work the bugs out.

While sitting in a job interview, the hiring manager always asks that same lame question:

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

and as long as you don’t answer like Peter Griffin did on Family Guy you should be golden.

But what if you asked the web the same question?

It’s truly amazing at how fast the web has grown and what it is capable of doing now.  I actually think of it as developing in “dog years” (yes, I’m simple that way).  As Clay Shirky mentioned in his presentation about “How Social Media Can Make History“, before the internet came along, we had only three uprisings of media and they were few and far between.  Writing, Printing and Audio/Video were the main advents in “technology” that connected the masses but then the computer made its way into almost every household.  When this happened most IT guys were always quoted as saying, “don’t worry … everyone will get use to it”.



I don’t know it became easier or if the internet just became over saturated with Awesomeness and that finally allowed the fearfull to become adventurous.  We now have children and elderly creating their own media, games and applications but where do we go next?

Comedian David Huntsberger mentions the advent of the Bluetooth and a possible future chip installed in our heads … but is he really that far off?  In the world of technology, computers went from huge machines that were the size of most living rooms and now we can hold one in our hands.  The sad part is that we will never be satisfied on the size of our machinery.


I know that Derrick Zoolander isn’t giving us Blue Steel or Magnum but he is showing us how “stupid” our options of size can get.  What’s next, are we going to want bigger screen cellphones … oh wait, that’s what Samsung already did before Apple came out with the iPhone 5.  Sorry Apple – I’m not a fan.

Anyway, who knows what our next cellphone will look like but I am kinda hoping that it resembles this.  This internet is still a baby and is still growing up with us.  When we learn, it learns. When we improve, it improves.  So when people as a whole can use the internet to improve their health, finances and total livelihood then I ask again … What’s next?

I’d like to think that one day I can go shopping like this guy but corporate America can barely get U-scan to work correctly in Wal-Mart so I can dream, can’t I?  Until then … Welcome to the Internet’s Sh*tty 1000th draft.


2 thoughts on “Web 2.0? I’m waiting for Web 5.0 … so they can work the bugs out.

  1. That’s a remarkable visual of the screen stretching! Thanks for sharing that! I may have to “borrow” that clip link!!!

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