What would you do for a cellphone?

What would you do-oo-oo for a Klondike Bar?

Sing it with me!

You can act like a monkey, bark like a dog or listen to your wife tell you about her day for 5 seconds (according to the commercials … love you babe).

According to the advertisements, people would do some crazy things for ice cream covered with chocolate, so just imagine what someone might do for a “free” cellphone?  Sure I’ll sign an eight year contract that makes me pay $150 dollars a month for only 30 minutes of phone calls, no internet time and 20 text messages a month but at least I got this nice shiny new phone … look, it even takes pictures and they still charge me 30 cents a picture but isn’t it cool!


That is how we do things now.  Even the cell phone companies are considered “crooks” but we are the customers dumb enough to sign the contracts for the newest and must have products.  We all have the opportunity to do what is right since we were all taught in our youth the difference between right and wrong but some people still believe in the “playground rules” of “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers”.

After reading Shirky’s story of the stolen sidekick from his book, Here Comes Everybody, I wanted to feel sorry for the young girl Sasha for being ganged up on by the “Millions and Millions” of people who had followed good ol Evan’s ramblings that called for justice but who am I kidding.  As Wyatt Earp would have said, “YOU CALLED DOWN THE THUNDER, WELL NOW YOU GOT IT!!!

All of the problems that Evan and Ivanna went through with due to the loss of a smart phone in 2006 made me laugh.  With something that important to you that holds soooooo much of your personal information … you’d think that someone would make sure to never leave home without it much less NEVER LEAVE IT IN A CAB!!! But Ivanna and Evan took the proper steps in trying to recover the lost cellphone but their main roadblock consisted of a teen mother and her family.

Sasha’s family played a key role in this whole debacle but it shouldn’t have negated our moral compass or simple right and wrong.  Once Ivanna and Evan reached out to Sasha for their lost property, Sasha should have done what was right.

On the other hand, once Sasha became the obnoxious teenager that she really was … that didn’t give Evan the right to become a vigilante over the web.  Sure Evan didn’t actually cause any harm to Sasha but he did host the venue at which his followers could manifest their anger towards a juvenile.  Yup … I’m now playing Devil’s advocate.

“No your honor, I never placed one hand on Sasha or threatened her in any way”, could be Evan’s plea for innocence but his soap box preaching for justice could have been followed to some extreme views.  Just ask these guys …

I know that I might be pushing this just a little too far but these 2 guys did very little physical violence o their own.  Their words moved their followers to do crazy deeds and that is what scares me. Where do we draw the line?



6 thoughts on “What would you do for a cellphone?

  1. emily0810 says:

    I really enjoyed your blog; it was both entertaining and insightful. I completely agree with you on most of your thoughts. I think Sasha was wrong not to give the phone back and I think it has everything to do with her family and how she was raised. I also agree that Evan crossed a line with some of the things he put on that website. Sasha could have gotten hurt and I personally think that is too high a price to pay for a cellphone. Ivanna did leave the phone in the taxi, but it was an accident and no matter how perfect people try to be, they will always make a mistake. I think the line on what is “right” and “free” on the web. I don’t think there can be any one single definition for it. Anyway, I really enjoyed your blog post. Great job!

    • renedg says:

      Thank you Emily for your kind words. Ivanna’s “accident” was something that could have been remedied by just doing a double check. I know, I know … we all make mistakes and nobody is perfect but when it has all that important information that you might need, surgically implant that thing into your hand. My dad once told me “nothing is ever truly free”, I guess that can go for the web also. I mean, my words are silly and sometimes have a message but they can cost me my future jobs and have cost me old friendships. I guess there will always be a high price to pay for our “Freedom of Speech”.

  2. jacquirazo1 says:

    LOVE the Wyatt Earp quote. LOVED the blog. You know what I have been pretty one-sided on this. I am totally in agreement that Sasha’s actions were wrong. I guess I have also tried more to side with the fact that what happened in response to Sasha was more unnessary than her action of actally stealing. These followers, or people who were so connected to the story once Evan went viral took it upon themselves to just take things way too personally and come at Sasha from all different angles. Sounds familiar seeing how I did the same thing when I read this article. Yet, I still didn’t want to find her home, look for her family, and go stalk her until she gave the phone back so, again, there’s that moral code we feel responsible to uphold.

    I’m glad you brought up the repsonse of Sasha being ganged up on her. Especially since we are all still somewhat doing it. It makes me wonder, if the article provided any information (assuming that it could without any legal issues) on Sasha (her actual name, facebook or twitter profile) how many of us would go look at it? How many of us would participate (if any at all) and see what she was doing, start judging her all over again and really take it upon ourselves to communicate with others about her? We’re blogging about her, so we are still in a way attacking her. Pretty interesting point you bring up. I didn’t think of it this way until I read your blog. Great move! *Raises glass*

    • renedg says:

      Well I “clink” your glass and say “thank you”. I can actually say that I thought about looking Sasha up on Google but then I realized that then I wouldn’t be any better than all the rest. I would have wanted retribution for my wife’s phone but I would have been hard headed and confronted Sasha’s boyfriend and brother while my wife would have just yelled “I’ll pay the stupid claim fee”! Was it really a quest for what was right or the male stubbornness that Evan showed cause he really didn’t want to pay the claim fee? I know this might be wrong but I hope Evan got ball cancer! Joking!!!

  3. Lori Carmona says:

    Interesting blog, I too kinda took this approach. While I feel what Sasha did is wrong, she should have returned the phone once she knew who it belonged to. But Ivanna needs to be more careful with her personal belongings that means so much to her and carry vital information. I feel that Evan crossed the line, she was a minor. When it comes to crimes or other incidents the police usually wont even allow for the names or or pictures of minors to be released. By Evan taking this battle to the web, I personally feel he went where he should not have. Even though it was the Evan’s supporters that did most of the investigating, I feel that information should never have been released. I have spent many years dealing with youth and the decisions that make usually come down to what they have been taught. While I don’t feel that should be an excuse bad behavior, how do we blame the children for making bad choices when that is all they have been taught, told, demonstrated, or encouraged?

    • renedg says:

      I completely agree with the crazy followers made the extra steps to invade the youths privacy. Could you imagine if Sasha was in the public limelight, like the Olsen Twins or Lindsey Lohan? I guess if the followers did take the next step to injure or even kill young Sasha, would Evan have been held responsible? do you think that he would have felt guilty or just cry for the $300.

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