You’ve Got The Whole World In Your Hands!

What do you think about when someone actually says the words, “the World Wide Web”?

In today’s world it is usually called “dub-ya,dub-ya,dub-ya, dot : fill in the blank of whatever you want to look at”.

When people have conversations about certain a web site that they like, they refer to the site as “” or “” : completely leaving off the WWW at the beginning of the web address.

We mindlessly type and click our ways to our favorite sites and rarely worry about what is actually happening behind the scenes.  If you have ever seen the movie The Fast and The Furiousthere is a scene where they use CGI to show the audience how the burst of Nitro Oxide rushes through the fuel line and the motor in order to give the car a huge horse power boost.  This same look can be taken at our computers in the classic Angelina Jolie film, Hackers. You type in the required search and press Enter, sending the electronic pulse through yards of circuit board wiring; then out the Ethernet cable and onto the information highway.


Hand shake after hand shake after hand shake, over and over again until your request hits the network and is bounced right back to you with all your answers  in less than half a second is pretty impressive.  What about all the extra links and information that gets dragged along with your answers?


Try going to Google and search for “jelly beans” (the best candy ever).  Your first three responses are places to order them and a delightful Wikipedia break down that defines what jelly beans really are.  The fourth link is for a Roller skate center in Raleigh, North Carolina which is then followed by the new android operating system and links to the Harry Potter “magical jelly beans”.

Why do these extra links pop up?  The quest for the “needed information” can be confusing but it does take many sharp, hair pin turns, links to hundreds of like responses to your search.  Wouldn’t it be easier to search for only things that you were actually looking for?

Imagine the possibilities of actually only getting the information that you wanted when you searched for something.

Thank you Mr Lee for envisioning a future of web access that would be really useful.  Sadly, his vision was just far too complicated for us to handle.  We always need to make things simple but I believe that he had made it simple.


Who am I to judge? I’m just a user … I’m nowhere near a professional.


Now point and click your way into your fun and games and I’ll see you on the other side.



2 thoughts on “You’ve Got The Whole World In Your Hands!

  1. lori000 says:

    You obviously got more out of this reading than me , lol. I hated every minute I spent reading it. While I understand how this fits in with our class, it was just absolutely over my head. I think my brain couldn’t keep up the all the connections he was trying to make. Good then the Internet is what it is today and makes all those connections for me. I can’t imagine my life without the internet so I am greatful he endeavored on such a journey. I just think I would have been just fine without reading about how it all works. However, I wonder if he ever imagined that the Internet would be what it actually is today?

    • renedg says:

      it’s amazing what we can get use to when that’s what we now know. I guess this falls back onto the topic of Ebonics that we had the other day in class. The ability to read C++ or assembly language is easier for me than translating some of my Spanish homework but I”m not Neo from The Matrix. Don’t get me wrong, in my most relaxed language, “this article sucked”! I wasn’t kidding in class when I said I woke up about 3 times while reading it but I do appreciate where we came from, enjoy where we are and kinda fear where we are headed.

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