“You hate to read but you’re going to be a teacher … Lord help us”, is what my wife said when I finished my registration for UTA.  Two English classes later and I signed up for English 3372 because of the interesting title of Computers and Writing.  Here I was thinking that this class was going to be about the life and writings of programmers but boy was I wrong.

  I had my doubts at the beginning until our Professor  said,”there are NO assigned books for this class.”  At that moment, Professor Hara seemed to be floating in class with her harp and wings slowly moving in the air conditioned classroom.  I swear that I almost heard 8 pound, 6 ounce baby Jesus say,”you’re welcome.”

What I didn’t hear when baby Jesus spoke to me was that we would have to read web articles, old writings about the future of our “electronic” lives, create a Twitter account and even write a blog.  I actually remember doing my “confused dog look” when the last 2 were mentioned.

I had heard about blogs before this class but actually thought that only really smart and emotionally damaged people wrote blogs and I didn’t think that I fit into either one of those genres.  As for Twitter, back in 2007, I actually thought to myself, “this crap will never catch on” but now I have to send out 10 random thoughts a day but found myself tweeting about the same things that made me wonder, “who on earth is reading my ramblings?”

I guess the little boy from The Matrix was right when he said,” Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth … There is no spoon.”

(Wait I’m going somewhere with this)

Little did I know that my classmates and I would become the primary authors that would be covered in the class.  We became the working model of Web 2.0.  By becoming an author in Web 2.0, I can say (with a grin) that I’m now part of the Matrix.  My want to learn about how computers and writing actually blended together creating something that I’m actually proud of.

What comes next is completely up to you, and you, and yes … you too.

Welcome to the web.  Don’t worry, if you don’t like it, it will change pretty soon.


6 thoughts on ““ME FAIL ENGLISH! THAT’S UNPOSSIBLE!” – Ralph Wiggum

  1. amritkhaira says:

    Haha! I loved the pictures you used. Really great I love that you give a personal input into your blog posts this makes them more entertaining which I am frankly horrible at. But very well written blog post I have to agree with a lot of what you said such as how when Professor Hara said that there was no assigned books for this class I was wondering what are we getting into this is going to be different and a whole new experience and that is exactly what it is turning into I did not know at all that we were going to all come together as basically a team in this class and work together and come to conclusions about how we feel and think about these networks that have been set up for everyone to use and most which are free of cost. When signing up for this class I knew that this was going to involve the use of computers but did not know how and in which way exactly. And I myself was not a blogger and neither did I feel the need to tweet much either and we think that no one is interested but the truth is the world is huge and someone somewhere out there is looking forward to read what we have to say. Great Post!

    • renedg says:

      Thanks Amrit! Our class is honestly one of my favorite classes of all time. Our mixed bunch of students are the web community that we have been talking about all semester. We can decide what is appropriate and what isn’t for our web class. I guess we are the “future monitors” of morality.

  2. emily0810 says:

    Wow, that was an awesome blog! It’s amazing how much we have learned and how our class has created a community between ourselves. I had never had a blog or Twitter either and I was a little worried when they got assigned, but I’m glad they did. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everybody and hearing everybody’s opinions about all these different subjects. I am also thankful to have learned all these things about the Web and how to be more careful. Anyway, I loved your post, great job!

    • renedg says:

      Thanks Emily! Our class is pretty f*mingo cool. Blogging, tweeting and everything else are going to distract me even more from now on. Good bye 3.5 GPA. HA!

  3. janablogging says:

    Very well written, Rene! I had a blog a couple years ago, but never really continued after the first month. I’m happy this class gave me the opportunity to continue writing in that way. It’s very therapeutic and fun. I love the humor you add to your blog, which shows that we all have a different approach. It’s so nice to see the differences in people in our class in a format like this and we wouldn’t be able to see them if it wasn’t for this class and Web 2.0.

    • renedg says:

      Thank you, Jana! As the chubby, baby of the family … I learned to make lite of almost every situation. I guess that is the reason some people don’t take me seriously until I have a hammer in one hand and my cell phone in the other. Scare the crap out of 1 trick or treater and you get red flagged from the church Christmas play. oh well.

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