“I’m NOT crazy … my mother had me tested.” – Dr Sheldon Cooper

   Sometimes it’s hard to describe what is going on in my head to the average person but I swear that I’m not crazy … so back away from my unicorn – he gets real moody if he doesn’t have his coffee 1st thing in the morning.  I am carrying on with my blog today, even though we do not have a blog assigned.  Weird right?  I guess with the amount of homework that is due on Monday plus the hours of chores that need to be done at home, one would think that I would be on a fast paced mission to complete that work instead of rambling on and on about whether or not I am crazy.  Sure the point of having “nothing better to do at the library” while my kids read and play on the learning database could account for something but what?




I sat here transfering my History notes from analog to digital and found myself becoming the “old man” shushing the loud kids in the library.  Pretty soon I’ll be yelling at the kids that are walking through my lawn, oh wait … I already do that.

What the hell happened to me?

Have I taken that step off the ledge of normality and sanity?

Or can I do the Hokey Pokey and take my “left foot out … cause that’s what it’s all about”.

Maybe it’s just the high levels of stress from this semester of school, wrapped with the lack of money from job and financial aid, encapsulated with the almost empty bottle of Crown but I must go on!!!

Even if I were crazy, would anyone have really been able to tell?  I don’t keep my shaved hair in a jar, eat dry wall or chase cars (anymore), so what am I worried about?


I guess it’s all about how you handle every situation that is going on in front of you.  The option of solving future problems that are too far down the road would be awesome but we really never know what is going to happen today … much less tomorrow.

So I guess I’ll log off now and get back to my issues of today:

  1. Spanish Homework
  2. More Spanish Homework
  3. Family time
  4. Birthday party

Hopefully I can get this all taken care of soon or I’ll be boarding Ozzy’s Crazy Train and literally Barking at the Moon!!!

At least I’ll have my dog to keep me company.


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