My Twitter Analysis of Alice Daer


The person that I chose to analyze is Alice Daer. She is an Assistant Professor of English at Arizona State University, Go Sun Devils!  I honestly chose to follow her because her first name just happens to be the name of my hometown here in Texas.  I know that sounds cheesy, but it is the truth.  Her Tweet topics range from political advertisements and education based topics in one spectrum to the daily happenings of her husband and daughter in another.   After making my selection of Alice Daer, I learned that her specialty of digital literacies, social media and video games made her one awesome lady.  Especially since one of our class’ main topics this semester is social media, Daer’s quick 140 characters could easily teach us a few things.  As a former electronic technician with a degree in electronics and computer technology, I found it easy to laugh at some of her technical jargon jokes and her video game work.  

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I’d be done with this analysis really quick but her avatar can really only say so much.  The head shot that she selected to use has almost Glamour Shots style and presence.  The whole, innocent look over your left shoulder while giving a coy smile to express her playful innocence is a picture that almost any girl in America has in their home.  She wore a black top with her hair down to give the impression that she is relaxed and fun to be around.  The odd part about this picture is the fact that it was taken outside.  All of her specialty work and career objectives tend to be indoor positions, so that means she not only liked the way she looked in the photo but she may secretly wish to spend more time outside in the grass. 

Daer is an Assistant Professor, mother of an 18 month old and is an all around cool lady; her amount of tweets has ranged from two a day to close to eight a day.  Talk about your renaissance woman, I guess she has to slow down every once in a while, due to her working on a book about Social Media Literacies.  After scrolling to the bottom of her Twitter page, I found that she started up her Twitter account on June 29th of 2010. Since then she has tweeted over 5451 times to her 2152 followers and has re-tweeted a few times from the 684 people that she follows at random.  She has even asked her followers to help answer questions for some of her current students.  I would say that she is an extremely busy person because with all that she has going on, she is also a member of the graduate program in Rhetoric and Composition studies.  These are just the “hard facts” that I was able to discover from her Twitter page information. 

I went back to early September Tweets, in order to find out who Daer really is due to my lack of ability to read people by what they type.  I know, that’s a super cool ability to have and you should be jealous.  After reading her tweets and re-tweets for the past month, I can honestly say that other than her strong Democratic support, she is a woman after my own heart.  On October 1st @ 4:51 am, Daer tweeted, “Really wishing Samuel Jackson was here to tell my baby to Go the F*ck to Sleep”.  She seems to be a fan of Samuel Jackson, Pulp Fiction memes, and a dog lover to boot.  If that was all that I looked at then this paper would be a lot shorter but when she mentioned to one of her followers that, “there are 2 lives, before and after kids,” I knew she was funny.  Although, when she mentioned her love for Starbucks and dislike for the Dave Mathews Band, she instantly became a “keeper”.  If that wasn’t enough to keep me interested in reading her tweets, she goes and tweets one of the funniest Mitt Romney impressions that I have ever seen to this day (got to love YouTube).  When Mrs. Daer tweeted a link to the NPR article ( describing the use of Presidential advertisements in online video games, that solidified my thought of her being a democrat.  Especially since the main screen shot of the video game was a car parked in front of a billboard sign for President Obama.  I guess her tweets about setting up a donation site for President Obama’s reelection could have been easier clues but then again my “eagle eyes” are getting old. 


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