I wish it was Saturday already!!!

I know that I don’t talk much on my blog about my size but to put things in perspective … I’m a “BIG GUY”.  I’m the type of guy that actually scares young children and at times some adults.


About 3 years ago I worked with a company that required me to travel by plane and “accidentally” received an email from human resources saying that, “this employee needs either a 1st class ticket or 2 regular seats cause he won’t fit in a regular seat.”  


That moment made me laugh at myself for a while but then began to fuel the fire for my work outs.  Oddly enough after dropping 30 pounds, I scared the crap out of my family and friends when I started having pains in my chest.  

I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

I knew I was big but I was “trying” to lose weight and now I was restricted by the doctors and scheduled for some heart “rotor-rootering.”  Before this doctors would walk into the room reading my chart, they would look up and see me and begin to wonder why Diabetic, High Blood Pressure and many other illnesses weren’t checked off but now I laid on a gurney waiting for the heart surgeon to knock me out.

Fast forward two years and I’m 123 pounds lighter with the strong support of my wife, family and friends.  I find it amazing that during my visits to Fitness Connection (my gym), that I have met others that are struggling and have even inspired a few to keep improving.  I never thought that I would inspire anyone, even though I always wanted to be like one of Bruce Willis‘ characters … you know, the one that needs to be called on when no one else can do a task.

I’m fortunate to now have the support of a famous personal trainer, Ray Wetterlund III, Image

Isopure and countless numbers of others.  I’m anxious for Saturday because I won a free hour of personal training.  

I can’t wait to see what I need to do in order to step up my weight loss!

This isn’t a New Years Resolution … this is my life now and this next chapter should be pretty cool.  I know that I’ll never look like this …


but maybe I’ll still be just as cool. 🙂

So stick around, have some fun and always remember … watch cartoons, they help you stay young at heart. 


2 thoughts on “I wish it was Saturday already!!!

  1. Rock on Rene! I’m retooling my blog and I’m going to make it a part of my life. I got things to say and share and contribute. Dr. H must be beaming that you’re still posting! I know I am!!! M-!

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