Are you ready for this?


All over America, students walked into schools wearing their new kicks and sporting their new gadgets.  Some laughed, some cried while some parents did the same in the parking lot of their kid’s school.

As for me, school doesn’t “officially” start for us till next Monday but it honestly feels like I never left.  From the end of last year’s classes to the “fun times” working Summer School to my three weeks of certification classes I am feeling drained and extremely tired. 

And starting Monday, there is absolutely no rest for the wicked.  With my kid’s school schedules, their extracurricular activities, church, work, grading, other school related duties and family life…I wonder how I’m gonna feel at the end of the first month much less the first year?

simpsons grading

This will be my first year, from start to finish, working in a classroom and I’m actually a little nervous.  Years of OCS and tutoring should already have me prepared but I am far from it.  I have no lesson plans, no actual room (yet), no idea who is gonna be in my class but I do have a vision, a goal and a hell of a team that I will get to work with.

I may not be 100% ready for this upcoming year but I guarantee that I will give it my all to not let anyone down … especially my family.  I know that I haven’t had an installment of this blog in a while and this one might be my last under this name but I guess we will see what the future really has in store for us.

So to my teacher friends, parents of school aged kiddos and anyone else you is crazy enough to read my blog, Rodney Dangerfield said it best when he said,

“Look out for Number One, but don’t step in Number Two!”




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